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Hologram Alert 01

Today’s message is one for new starts and beginnings. I wanted to give you a brand new mix series for the changing seasons but now more than ever to help get through this isolation and the changing times.

I created this mix during our New Moon in Aries and I feel like it still holds that new Aries energy during this season. The daily grind of pushing too hard for too long, your inner fire sputters out. If you've been working a lot or under a great deal of stress, the following ritual will get your flame burning brightly again.

While you listen I want you to do three things for me, three rituals:

1.Write down all your wishes and dreams. Be specific.

2. Read your list out loud. I recommend stepping outside and saying it to the sky.

3. Give thanks to the universe for hearing your truth.

I start each new moon that way, it works as a daily practice too. For Aries specifically, these rituals help unleash your inner warrior. It electrifies us and charges us for the seasons ahead.

Speaking of the months to come, I’ve been hard at work preparing my debut EP. Made in partnership with my friend Alex Wilcox, Parallel Shifting is my queer love letter to the dance floor and to Detroit. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when it drops!

That’s all for now Holograms. Be well <3



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